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The lithographs are offset reproductions printed by master pressmen on 6 color presses. You can feel the weight and thickness of the heavy 100 lb. glossy Quintessence cover stock.

During the last pass on the press, the lithos receive a coat of ultra violet varnish. This coating does provide some protection to the print from sun damage. However, if exposed to direct sun it will fade over time, like any art.

The lithos are attractive and popular options for decorating homes, offices, restaurants and even hotel lobbies at affordable prices.

Some people choose to mat out the graphics to view just the image. The product pages display the lithos as they are with the graphics. We've also the presented the images without the graphics so you can imagine what it would look like framed and matted.

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  • Saddle Up Lithograph
    Saddle Up Lithograph - American Cowboy Art
  • Moonlight Flight Lithograph
    Moonlight Flight Lithograph - American Cowboy Art
  • Cool Water Lithograph
    Cool Water Lithograph - American Cowboy Art
  • Snow Rangers Lithograph
    Snow Rangers Lithograph - American Cowboy Art