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Print Surfaces

A Quick Guide to Understanding Print Materials & Surfaces

Used to be, there were only 3 choices for printing surfaces; glossy, matte or luster and all were on photographic paper.

Now, new technology has gifted us with a dizzying array of print materials, surfaces and substrates.

Our fine art prints are available in your choice of premium photographic paper, metal and, in some cases, museum grade canvas.

Limited Edition Prints -

Our flagship collection, the limited edition images are created by Lightjet printers. The process for creating the prints is a strange mix of traditional photographic chemistry and mad rocket scientist with lasers. Yes, Meredith, the printers use red, green and blue lasers to expose authentic silver based paper or substrate that is further infused with photographic dyes. The result is the sharpest, richest, most accurate color and the highest rated longevity of any other photographic product.

The smooth transition of tones looks like a real photographic print, rather than a digital product. We specify Fuji Crystal Archive products for our limited edition prints.

Each print is hand signed (as opposed to a digital signature), numbered, mounted on 3/16" foam core board and issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Fine Art Photographic Paper -

We've selected Fuji Pearl because of it rich reproduction of color and resistance to fading. Images 20X24 and larger will be mounted on 3/16" foam core board which will protect and keep the print from warping.

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Metal -

A newer and more contemporary look achieved by infusing dyes directly into specially prepared sheets of aluminum-magical. The prints are razor sharp and have what appears to be depth. Like canvas, metal prints can often be hung and displayed without a traditional frame. Our metal prints are finished with a black edge and feature a hidden frame that floats the print off the wall by 3/4".

Canvas -

"Giclee" means fine spray in French. The printers that create "giclee" prints are really not that much different than your printer at home; except that they are much larger and they produce a microfine spray to lay down ink. They can print over a wide range of paper and canvas textures.

Our canvas prints are stretched an mounted over 1 1/2" wooden frames, stretcher bars. The back of the prints are finished with a black paper to cover the bars and backside of the canvas. A traditional wire or a sawtooth hanger is used to mount the art on your wall.

We like keeping the visible edge black to give it contrast from the wall. Many people are attracted to canvas and metal prints because you can create a beautiful presentation of art without a frame, which gives it a contemporary feel.

If you're looking to soften the presentation of the art, canvas is a great option.

Lithographs -

The lithographs are offset reproductions printed by master pressmen on 6 color printing presses. You can feel the weight and thickness of the heavy 100 lb. glossy Quintessence cover stock.

Some people choose to mat out the graphics to view just the image. The product pages for the individual images display the lithos as they are with the graphics and also the image alone so you can imagine what it would look like framed and matted. 

During the last pass on the press, the lithos are coated in a ultra violet varnish. While the coating will help protect the image from sun damage, it will, like any art, fade if exposed to direct sun.

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