Snow Rangers Lithograph – American Cowboy Art
Snow Rangers Lithograph - American Cowboy Art
Snow Rangers Lithograph - American Cowboy Art

Snow Rangers Lithograph

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Snow Rangers

I don't know if grit can be true. But, these two, I know to be truly gritty.

It was late in February and late in the day. The storm brought both snow and the kind of cold that claws through your skin, into your bones and right out the other side. Had it been clear, you could have seen the red Hermosa Cliffs to the west and Engineer mountain at the head of the valley that brushes the sky at just a whisker under 13.000 feet.

The image was captured on 21/4 transparency film in a Hasselblad 500CM with a 150mm Sonar lens. I feared that the cold had made the film brittle and would break as I snapped the shutter and advanced the film. Clearly, the camera was less bothered by the cold than I was.

The overall size is 29 1/2 X 24 3/4 inches. The image size is 22 1/8"W X 18 1/8"H.

The lithographs are offset reproductions printed by master pressmen on 6 color printing presses. The are printed on heavy 100 lb. glossy Quintessence cover stock.

Some people choose to mat out the graphics to view just the image. The product pages display the lithos with and without the graphics so you can imagine what it would look like framed and matted. 

This fine art lithograph, like all that we produce, is printed on a beautiful, thick 100 pound paper stock and varnished with an ultraviolet coating. While the coating will help protect the image from sun damage, it will, like any art, fade if exposed to direct sun.

The lithos provide an appealing print option at an affordable price.